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We want to make your outsourcing or offshoring experience as easy and efficient as possible. Our flexible agreements and adaptive support model are designed to enable your growth.

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Startup Process

1. Initial Meeting

  • a.Assess business needs and required staffing
  • b.Discuss work patterns and workforce schedules
  • c.Understand technical and support requirements
  • d.Understand client urgency and ideal start date

2. Staffing Plan/Recruiting

  • a.Establish accurate job description and ideal client profile
  • b.Create specific advertising and outreach campaign by position
  • c.Conduct targeted talent search
  • d.Screen, test, and prelim interview
  • e.Endorse to client for interview

3. Kick Off Meeting

  • a.Meeting with Business Unit Account Manager
    and Onboarding Manager
  • b.Set expectations and discuss best practices
  • c.Establish KPIs, reporting, and recurring check
    in meeting

4. Process Documentation and Training

  • a.Create manual, job aids, and workflow
  • b.Utilize cloud-based meeting technology to facilitate
  • c.Client to review document for process alignment

5. Evaluation Stage

  • a.Implement QA as trainees go live
  • b.Re-train staff as needed
  • c.Establish key KPIs and reporting criteria
  • d.Schedule regular business review
  • e.Implement monthly feedback survey

6. Full Production

  • a.Establish audit rates
  • b.Continue regular communication and account management
Lets Get Started

We Give The Companies The Capability Of An Offshore Subsidiary At Any Scale

We provide complete services to enable clients to easily manage their remote teams.


Keys to Success for optimal results

1.Teamwork and management

2.Connext capabilities

3.Right size and focus for both client and vendor

4.Transparency of costs and shared decision making

Connext Onboarding Checklist:


Team work and management for Optimal Success


Teamwork required at the project manager level between Connext and Client to ensure that these outcomes are successful!

Other Co-Sourcing Best Practices

  • Set up recurring meeting with Connext executive team and client to review team progress and discuss any issues.
  • Have well defined performance metrics and goals for the remote team.
  • Ensure that processes are clearly defined and well thought out before moving a process to a remote team.
  • Enable team success with a well thought out and executed training plan.
  • Consistent reporting and review of key performance metrics and overall performance.
  • Provide frequent feedback to the remote team and Connext management.
  • Achieve buy in from the local employees that will be interfacing with the remote employees on a daily basis.
  • Choose a vendor that is aligned with your organizational goals, culture, and long-term vision.

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Evaluation Checklist


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Your Outsourcing Partner


Commonly Asked Questions

I don’t have a formal job description. Can Connext still help me find the best fit for the role?

Absolutely! While a job description is helpful, the objective is not so much to have a written job description, but rather to gain a common understanding of the type of candidate that you want. We want to profile and select a candidate who will thrive in the position as long as you need them.

We don’t have any experience in screening or interviewing candidates. Can Connext guide us through the screening process?

Yes, Connext will screen, test and conduct preliminary interviews with candidates. Once they have passed our initial screening, candidates will be endorsed to you for interview via video conference (MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.). Connext will coordinate setting up the interview between you and candidate.

If we want to hire the candidate, what will be the next step?

Connext will extend the job offer to the candidate and identify their availability to start. If you have a preferred start date, Connext will try to negotiate with the candidate to ensure your expectations are met. Additional steps will be provided to you once the candidate has accepted the job offer.

If the candidate accepts the job offer, what are the next steps?

Next steps:

  1. Connext will deploy a Connext PC with 2 monitors, along with necessary peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset, and webcam).
  2. Connext will also provide Prepaid WiFi if no available internet connection at home.
  3. Connext IT will do the necessary onboarding by creating Connext PC login and Connext e-mail which will be provided to you and your team once available.
  4. You, the client will create a username and provide the necessary tools and credentials for the employee to perform his/her tasks and responsibilities.
  5. Once credentials and access are available, Connext IT and your Connext onboarding point of contact (POC) standby to provide any support necessary (installing applications, etc.).

How will the employee access our system?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  2. Remote Desktop Services (Microsoft, Citrix, AWS, etc.)
  3. Web-based tools (if client systems or tools are web-based)

Our employee needs to make a phone call or will be answering phone calls. What do we need to do to make this happen?

If you have your own phone system, you just need to add and assign a phone to the employee. If softphone is an available feature, Connext can install the softphone application on the employee’s computer. If you do not have phone system available, Connext can provide a phone with a US number to the employee (physical phone or softphone) for $35/month.

Will Connext provide the software needed for the employee?

Connext will provide a basic computer (e.g. Intel core i3) with two monitors and licensed versions of Windows 10 Pro and Bitdefender or similar antivirus software. Connext is not responsible for providing any software or special applications. Our clients are typically responsible for providing any software necessary to perform tasks including access to productivity software, e.g. Google Docs or Microsoft Office. If a client requires Connext to provide software, it will be provided and Connext’s actual costs will be passed through to the client on their invoice.

What is your holiday and time-off policy?

The assigned Connext employees will be available as necessary during your workday or as otherwise required. Connext employees receive a total of 20 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year. This paid time off usually consists of client designated holidays and the employee’s discretionary paid time off. As the client, you would specify a holiday schedule, then the remaining days will be discretionary PTO so that the total paid days off equal 20. Connext and you would discuss and agree on a holiday schedule based on your operational needs and share interest in allowing holiday time for employees.

If an employee needs to render overtime, are we charged for overtime hours?

Connext will not make any additional charges for overtime unless it exceeds an average of 1 hour per person in a week. For example, if there are 5 people, then up to 5 hours per week of overtime will be included at no charge. Both this policy and the holiday policy above are intended to keep the monthly invoicing as simple and predictable as possible.

Who will manage employee’s performance and professional development?

You will treat the employee as if they are part of internal team. Training, Quality audit, assignment of tasks is done by the person who will manage the Connext team. The Connext manager assigned will provide local coaching, feedback, and performance improvement guidance as necessary. In this remote structure, the Connext management team doesn’t have visibility into who is performing well and who isn’t. Connext initiates a simple monthly feedback survey for each person. This is to ensure accurate and timely feedback, which is critical to the continuous improvement of employee performance. We work together as a team to identify and address issues proactively rather than waiting until they become a greater problem.

How do we proceed with the training? What tools do you usually use for the training?

If you have training manuals or materials available, we prefer you send them in advance. Training can be done in multiple ways, however – screen sharing, e-mails or phone. MS Teams or Zoom are highly recommended tools when facilitating remote training.

What is included in the Connext base cost?

Connext base cost covers payroll, benefits, employer of record, IT, implementation support, management support, facilities (optional), basically everything except client specific software (e.g. MS Office, Adobe) and phone.

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