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The article discusses how hiring offshore staff can drive revenue growth. 

How companies can DRIVE Revenue in 2023 by Hiring Offshore Staff 

How companies can DRIVE Revenue in 2023 by Hiring Offshore Staff

Offshore staff are commonly hired by companies in the United States to streamline business processes, solve staffing challenges, and streamline cost structure. Common functions where companies have used offshore staff include data entry, accounting, call center support, and other back-office applications. 

Another area where we are seeing companies take advantage of offshore staff is in revenue operations: sales, marketing, and customer service. This is an area where, especially given the current economic conditions, companies may be able to use offshore staff, not just to make their business more efficient, but to drive revenue growth. 

There are several ways our clients are hiring offshore teams in the revenue operations domain. Here are what we see as the most effective and efficient applications for driving revenue growth: 

  • Content creation
    • Content creators to create blog posts, white papers, industry market analysis, case studies, and other content. 
    • Our clients then use this content for SEO purposes, content marketing, and distribution to current or potential customers. 
  • Customer service
    • Customer service teams that support phone, email, chat, or social media. 
    • Our clients are building these teams to help them efficiently and effectively engage customers throughout their lifecycle and provide high level support throughout the buying experience. 
    • Often the result is higher customer satisfaction scores, reduced customer churn, and improved customer acquisition. 
  • Lead generation
    • Lead generation specialists to help prospect for new clients, set appointments, build potential customer lists, or clean up potential customer data. 
    • Doing high level sales offshore is hard, but some of these lower-level tasks can be done quite easily and allow local sales reps to focus on actually selling their product. 
  • Marketing
    • Digital marketing specialists or managers, graphic artists, and social media managers to help with all aspects of your marketing function. 
    • We see clients hire teams like this to help them run and manage digital marketing campaigns (AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), create promotional material, develop marketing plans, and execute social media campaigns. 
    • These teams are all dedicated to helping clients drive more traffic to their website or business page and hopefully more revenue. 
  • SEO
    • SEO is not understood by many businesses, can be challenging and costly to implement, and can also drive significant amounts of new business. Ranking on the first page of Google for a relevant search term can be a game changer for businesses, yet SEO agencies and consultants that can help with this are incredibly expensive. 
    • We are seeing clients, and competitors, climb the SEO ranks without outside help by hiring SEO specialists offshore. These teams help companies with their overall SEO strategy, on page and off page optimization, and overall content and keyword strategy. We have implemented something like this in our own marketing efforts and the results have been pleasing. 3 x organic traffic results and over 25 new inquiries weekly, up from 5 just last year. 
  • CRM Administration/Development
    • SalesForce developers, HubSpot administrators, and other CRM functions can be easily sourced offshore. Often our clients have CRM systems in place but lack the administrative or developer power to make them as efficient as possible. This is where they source offshore CRM teams to help them make their systems as efficient and effective as possible while keeping costs low. 
  • Web Developers
    • Web developers play a critical role in making sure a company’s website is both functional and optimized to generate new business. Full stack developers, front end developers, back-end developers, UI/UX designers, and others all contribute to ensuring a business’s website is visually appealing, performs well during customer use, and generates conversions. 

The functions listed above are all areas where we see companies driving more revenue with their offshore support teams. Some companies have teams supporting 1 or 2 of these functions, some have teams supporting all of them. Regardless, the result is often a more efficient revenue operations process and increased revenue growth. 

If you have any questions about how we support these functions, please contact us to learn more