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Staff Leasing in the Philippines

Staff Leasing in the Philippines, also known as “outsourcing” or “contract staffing,” is a business practice in which a company hires employees through a third-party provider who then leases the employees to the company for a contracted period of time. The third-party provider, also known as a “service provider,” is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and managing the leased employees, while the client company is responsible for providing work assignments and managing the day-to-day activities of the leased employees.

Staff leasing allows companies to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and focus on their core business activities, while also providing employment opportunities for leased employees.

Under Philippine labor laws, leased employees are entitled to certain benefits and protections, including minimum wage, social security contributions, and other benefits such as leave credits and overtime pay. The service provider is responsible for ensuring that leased employees receive these benefits and protections, and for complying with all labor laws and regulations.

Overall, Staff Leasing in the Philippines is a legal and widely accepted business practice that provides benefits for both client companies and leased employees, but it requires careful management and compliance with labor laws and regulations to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all parties involved.