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Hire Behavioral Health Technicians

Outsource Behavioral Health Technician services to the Philippines

Outsource Behavioral Health Technician services to the Philippines

Outsourcing the services of an experienced Behavioral Health Technician responsible for providing direct care and support to individuals who are receiving behavioral health services.

Outsourced Behavioral Health Technicians work for licensed behavioral health professionals such as psychologists or social workers and provide them support in therapeutic care and assistance including daily direct client care and assistance to clients’ hygiene, meal preparation, medication, and treatment plans and monitoring client progress towards treatment goals.

They work with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses or social workers, to educate and ensure that clients receive comprehensive care and crisis intervention.

Outsourced Behavioral Health Technicians completed a GED, as well as relevant work experience in a behavioral health, psychology or social work setting. They have relevant knowledge of mental health and substance abuse treatment techniques.

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