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Hire Clinical Abstracting

Outsource Clinical Abstractors

Outsource Clinical Abstractors

The Clinical Abstractor will be responsible for reviewing and abstracting clinical data from patient records.

Clinical Abstractors have a passion for improving patient care and outcomes through clinical data analysis.

Outsourced Clinical Abstractors have a strong background in healthcare, excellent analytical skills and strong knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare concepts and proficiency in electronic medical record systems and clinical documentation software.

Clinical Abstractors review and abstract clinical data from patient records, including medical histories, diagnoses, procedures, and medications. They ensure accuracy and completeness of clinical data abstraction and analyze and interpret clinical data to identify trends and patterns.

Clinical Abstractors also provide recommendations to clients for improving patient care and outcomes based on clinical data and collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to ensure effective patient care.

They maintain up-to-date knowledge of healthcare regulations and standards and manage and prioritize workload to meet deadlines.

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