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Hire Marketing Virtual Assistant

Outsource Marketing Virtual Assistant

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Businesses can grow the customer base and reach out to target market segments through outsourcing Marketing roles such as content creation, data collection for new prospects, Market Research and Lead Generation to a Marketing Virtual Assistant.

Some Offshore Roles:

Lead Generation Specialists: Lead Generation Specialists reach out to target market segments. Outsourced Lead generation specialists can identify qualified customers through market research. This includes building lists of potential prospects, data collection for new prospects, organizing data, and monitoring productivity reports.

Content Creator: Content Creators are your dedicated resource to create content for you and your organization. We use content creators to build blog posts, white papers, social media content, and other things. Content creators are excellent resources for SEO optimization and brand awareness.

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Web Developer: Front end, Back end, or Full Stack, Web Developers are critical in marketing strategy. Hire a dedicated person to administer your website, build new landing pages, create new demand generation avenues, etc.

Social Media Coordinator: Social Media Coordinators create social media posts, interact with your potential customers, and respond to comments and inquiries. We have our social media coordinators sit down with our executives weekly for a 1-hour interview and have them create weeks of snackable content.

Outsourcing Marketing services to an Offshore Team provider such as Connext creates more visibility, control, scalability, and productivity.

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