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ServiceNow Administrator

A ServiceNow administrator is a professional who is responsible for managing and maintaining the ServiceNow platform within an organization. ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform that provides a wide range of IT service management (ITSM) solutions for organizations of all sizes. The platform is highly configurable, which requires an administrator to have a good understanding of IT service management principles and practices.

Some of the key responsibilities of a ServiceNow administrator may include:

ServiceNow administrators are responsible in providing ServiceNow platform configuration support to meet the specific needs of the business.

They provide administrative support such as setting up users, roles, and permissions, as well as rules and workflows.

They acts as technical support and attend to ServiceNow platform incidents or issues and resolve and troubleshoot these issues, or escalate them to next level IT team support. They provide and administer training to end-users.

They also track updates made to the ServiceNow platform and make sure that these updates have proper documentation and approvals.

System Maintenance and Upgrades: An administrator is responsible for maintaining the ServiceNow platform by applying patches and upgrades as needed. This involves working with other IT teams to ensure that the platform is kept up-to-date and secure.

Overall, a ServiceNow administrator plays a critical role in ensuring that the ServiceNow platform is properly configured, maintained, and utilized to support the business needs of their organization.

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