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Our mission is to supercharge your growth by helping build dedicated offshore teams.

High Level Management Support

Connext is building industry best client experience through its commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels.

In our model, trained and experienced service delivery managers will have one or multiple client-dedicated team leader(s) that helps the client manage the day-to-day activities of the team. Productivity, utilization and quality metrics are used to track employee performance and monthly client meetings are held to ensure productivity.

  • 50:1 Manager to Employee Ratio​
  • Connext University and Manager Training Programs​​
  • Oversight by industry aligned US VPs​​
  • Managers touch base with employees daily and work together with clients to ensure high performance of the teams​​
  • Managers handle all HR related issues and act as your fractional country manager​
  • Rigorous manager selection process​
  • Managers carefully assigned based on client specific time zone and function​​
  • 35:1 manager ratio
    With a manageable 35:1 ratio at Connext, managers have a more cohesive and efficient team dynamic, enabling a more direct, detailed, and high level support. You can ensure that managers have enough time and attention to coach, mentor and support each of your team members, while also effectively delegating tasks to them.
  • Uptime Monitoring system
    Connext allows you to keep track of your team’s uptime and downtime, both in the office and remotely. By monitoring these uptime and downtime metrics, you can identify patterns and trends in your team’s work habits, and adjust your expectations and feedback accordingly.
  • 24/7 Connext Operations Center
    The Connext Operations Center provides 24/7 support, helping you and your team overcome any technical or operational support whenever you need it. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, a network outage, or a security breach, the Connext Operations Center is always ready to assist you with proper technical knowledge, assistance, fault resolution and proper documentation of technical and process concerns. With a 24/7 operations center, you can minimize the impact of any issues on your team’s productivity and quality of work.

High Level Management Support

Operations Manager Responsibilities​

  • Opening new positions based on Customer job descriptions​
  • Conducting operations interviews​
  • Endorsing potential candidates to Customer point of contact​
  • Participating in interviews and gaining Customer feedback​
  • Extending candidate job offers​
  • Coordinating delivery of candidate equipment​
  • Creation of Contractor specific credentials​
  • Conducting Contractor specific New Hire Orientation ​
  • Managing time off requests​
  • Monitoring overtime requests​
  • Measure and reporting key performance indicators as instructed by Customer​
  • Conducting performance improvement plans and coaching for assigned employees as instructed by Customer​
  • Administer human resources processes according to country specific labor regulations and Contractor policies and procedures​
  • Administer employee discipline​
  • Issue corrective action plans for formal actions to Contractor employees​
  • Monitor assigned employee attrition risks and proactively address issues​
  • Conduct employee engagement and team building activities with assigned employees​
  • Coordinate employee incentives and bonuses as instructed by Customer​
  • Troubleshooting employee hardware issues​
  • Procuring and delivering replacement equipment​
  • Executing business continuity plans for assigned employees​
  • Monitoring employee up time​
  • Conduct random audits on assigned employee workstations ​
  • Facilitate recurring business reviews with Customer​
  • Be available to address and resolve any and all Customer issues​
  • Management consulting​

How we select and assign ​managers

Connext hires the top management talent in the offshoring industry

Selection and Integration Process​

Selection and Integration Process​

Assignment Process: Managers are assigned based on client specific needs​​

Assignment Process Managers are assigned based on client specific needs​

Our Executives and Managers

Connext University

Connext University

Connext recognizes the impact of continuing education on individual career growth and the company’s overall success, and equips their employees with the skills and knowledge they need as they strive to deliver performance excellence in their current roles, as well as grow personally and grow professionally.

In response to the ever increasing demand for upskilling and reskilling, the Company President of Connext, Tim Mobley, pledges a significant portion of the company’s monthly revenue toward training and development.

With this, Connext has recently launched Connext University.

Connext University is a consolidated learning center designed to fuel the innovative advancement of Connext employees.

Connext University operates as a one-stop learning hub encompassing four distinct academies targeting specific areas of learning interest and development needs. The academies are namely:

  • Professional Academy
  • Business Academy
  • Management Academy
  • Life Skills Academy

Each academy strategically targets employees’ skills development, industry-specific knowledge and the overall expansion and profitability of Connext International Inc.

Connext University Academies
Connext Edge

Powered by ConnextEDGE

Connext University is powered by ConnextEDGE, the company’s internal Learning Management System (LMS), where instructors can easily create and manage courses, and users can navigate courses effortlessly as well as track their progress and achievements. Course sets, or programs, are designed and curated for individuals who wish to be a leader. Elective course options offer a more personalized learning path. All courses will at least have a knowledge check/assessment, and or practical assessments to gauge for understanding. Each course includes a quick survey for e-Learning courses (via ConnextEDGE) and a learning survey for every instructor-led session.

Connext University’s commitment to upskilling and reskilling is a testament to the company’s dedication to its employees and its belief in the power of learning.

By investing in its employees’ growth and development, Connext is ensuring its own long-term success and solidifying its position as a leader in its industry. If you’re looking for a company that values continuous learning and invests in its employees’ growth look no further than Connext.

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