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Outsource Prior Authorization

Outsourced Prior Authorization Specialists conduct can be assigned functions such as submitting and following-up preauthorization to various insurance companies.

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Outsource Prior Authorization with Connext

Businesses can outsource the Pre-authorization process, or Prior approvals, an important role in the revenue cycle management cycle.

Outsourced Prior Authorization Specialists conduct can be assigned functions such as submitting and following-up preauthorization to various insurance companies.

They conduct authorization checks such as whether authorization started online by accessing the database and conduct verification via phone, fax Clinicals/HPI, Physician peer-to-peer and determine and request any further documents are necessary.

Benefits of Outsourcing Prior Authorization

The time and effort spent by front desk/in-house Healthcare staff on administrative tasks such as waiting for an answer to an eligibility question or for a pre-authorization, can be delegated to a dedicated Offshore Healthcare team.

By assigning functions such as sending authorization requests, generating authorizations, and tracking expired specialty infusions authorizations & Rx Specialty Departments, the pre-authorization is more efficient, making sure other specialty care plans are processed with authorization and claims are processed properly.

By outsourcing prior authorization, healthcare providers can redirect their  attention to delivering exceptional patient care. Reduced administrative burdens allow staff members to focus on building meaningful patient relationships, improving the overall patient experience, and delivering timely treatments.

With efficient pre-authorization processes in place, patients experience shorter wait times, reduced rescheduling, and increased access to necessary treatments, leading to higher patient satisfaction levels.

Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing pre-authorization enables healthcare providers to reclaim valuable time and resources that were once consumed by the labor-intensive task of managing prior approvals. By partnering with specialized outsourcing companies, providers can delegate the responsibility of obtaining pre-authorization to experienced professionals. This enables internal staff to focus on core tasks, such as patient care and revenue generation, resulting in a significant boost in overall operational efficiency.

Expertise and Compliance

Outsourcing pre-authorization to dedicated service providers ensures access to a team of experts who possess in-depth knowledge of insurance protocols and requirements. These professionals stay up to date with the latest industry trends and regulatory changes, minimizing errors and increasing the likelihood of successful claim submissions. As a result, healthcare organizations can maintain compliance, reduce claim denials, and expedite reimbursements.

Accelerated Revenue Cycles

Outsourcing pre-authorization allows providers to streamline the approval process, resulting in faster claims submission and reduced reimbursement delays. By partnering with experienced outsourcing companies, healthcare organizations benefit from their advanced technological infrastructure, automated workflows, and optimized processes.

Cost Reduction

Managing pre-authorization in-house involves significant overhead costs, including staffing, training, and software investments. Outsourcing pre-authorization eliminates the need for these expenditures, as providers can leverage the expertise and infrastructure of external service providers.

Prior Authorization Outsourcing Case Studies

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Outsource Prior Authorization: How it Works

We help healthcare organizations build dedicated Prior Authorization support teams. This is the new way to outsource credentialing.

1. Assess

Understand your business needs so that we can build a team to supercharge your growth

2. Recruit

Screen, interview, and endorse candidates that meet your specific qualifications

3. Train

Help you train your team for optimal performance

4. Evaluate

Conduct quality audits, evaluations, and feedback loops to ensure your team is performing to standard

5. Execute

Full production of your team with ongoing management support and consulting from Connext

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