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Outsourcing Solutions for Startups

Connext helps startups build custom, dedicated support teams. Start at 1 employee and scale as you need! This is outsourcing specifically for startups.

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One of the Top BPO Companies

Used by over 100+ companies from early stage startups to publicly traded companies.

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Top BPO Companies in the Philippines
Top BPO in the Philippines
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Why Connext is perfect for high growth companies.

  • Month to month contracts
  • Start at 1 FTE
  • Candidates recruited based on your specific qualifications
  • Dedicated teams
  • Fractional management support
  • No limit of roles or functions
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Custom solutions, designed to enable growth

A unique approach with your goals in mind.

  • Adaptive and flexible contracts
  • High responsiveness
  • Accountability and discipline
  • Transparency and shared decision making
  • Unwavering commitment to your growth
  • Focused on metrics, data, and getting the optimal outcome
  • Aligned values and strong ethos
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Are you a startup looking to achieve growth?

In every startup business, cost optimization, cash flow management and several other things need to be considered.

At Connext Global Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by startups on their path to success. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing customized outsourcing solutions to support your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Startups

Outsourcing non-core functions frees you from clerical tasks and administrative burdens, enabling you to focus on core competencies. Through outsourcing, you can assign routine tasks like accounting, HR, and IT support.
In the dynamic startup ecosystem, flexibility and scalability are important. Outsourcing allows you to effortlessly scale your operations up or down to meet business demands. You can quickly ramp up your customer support during peak seasons or expand your development team to launch new products, depending on what your business needs.
No matter the industry, startups need access to specialized knowledge and expertise. Outsourcing offers you access to a huge pool of talented professionals who excel in various specializations from software development to digital marketing, customer support to data analysis.
For startups, budget and spending matter. Outsourcing lets you operate while reducing overhead costs, eliminating the need for additional spending on infrastructure and thus helping you overcome financial constraints.

Now you won’t be confined by financial constraints. Through outsourcing, you can scale your operations and at the same time access top-tier talent at a fraction of the cost.


Custom outsourcing solutions for startups focusing on any industry or function.

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How it Works

We treat every new client with a custom approach. Our goal is to help you create the value of your own offshore subsidiary at any scale.

1. Assess

Understand your business needs so that we can build a team to supercharge your growth

2. Recruit

Screen, interview, and endorse candidates that meet your specific qualifications

3. Train

Help you train your team for optimal performance

4. Evaluate

Conduct quality audits, evaluations, and feedback loops to ensure your team is performing to standard

5. Execute

Full production of your team with ongoing management support and consulting from Connext

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The Connext Difference

A BPO changing traditional outsourcing


The Table Stakes

Facilities and Power

Support Structure


The Connext Extra

We make it our mission to enable your growth

Built to spec solutions with detailed implementation

Management style adopted from the US Military

High responsiveness, accountability, and discipline

Strong ethos and aligned values

Offshore teams to supercharge your growth

Get The Ultimate End-To-End Client Experience.

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