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Virtual Nursing Outsourcing

Virtual Nurses are qualified registered nurses who are well-trained professionals able to give the best nursing care with little supervision. Outsource Virtual Nursing to Connext.

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Qualified, Registered and Well-trained Professional

Virtual Nurses are qualified registered nurses who are well-trained professional able to give the best nursing care with little supervision. They work with a variety of patients and provide direct nursing care along with physical or psychological support when required.

Why outsource Virtual Nurses 

Virtual Nurses have excellent communication skills and have relevant experience working in a clinical practice setting as well as experience working with Electronic/Medical Records. They have proper knowledge on medical terms and compliance such as HIPAA and PHI requirements. Thus, they can effectively provide support in data entry, patient registration and scheduling.

They are experienced with preparing the chart before a patient’s visit and scribing notes on the patient’s clinical information during their appointment. Their duty includes tasks like creating and maintaining accurate patient records, administering medication and monitoring for side effects, recording vital signs, and reporting symptoms and changes in patient conditions. They can call US insurances for verification of a patient’s coverage and benefits.

Aside from this, Virtual Nurses are responsible for patient assessment, as well as planning of care and subsequent recovery. They are also able to work closely with health care practitioners to ensure the recovery of patients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Nurses 


By outsourcing virtual nurses, you gain access to highly skilled individuals with internationally recognized qualifications.


Outsourcing virtual nurses enables you to maximize your budget while maintaining quality support. You can significantly reduce overhead costs associated with in-house staffing, such as recruitment, training, benefits, and salaries.

24/7 Support

Outsourcing allows for seamless coverage during off-peak hours, ensuring that your patients receive continuous support and monitoring.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Outsourced Virtual Nurses excel in communication, and addressing patient concerns, ultimately leading to enhanced patient satisfaction.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you require additional resources during peak seasons, to cover employee absences, or to expand your services, outsourcing virtual nurses grants you the ability to scale your operations quickly and efficiently.


How it Works

AI Outsourcing can be challenging and why we treat every new client with a custom approach. Our goal is to help you create the value of your own offshore subsidiary at any scale and enable the growth of AI in your business.

1. Assess

Understand your AI needs so that we can build a team to supercharge your growth

2. Recruit

Screen, interview, and endorse candidates that meet your specific qualifications

3. Train

Help you train your team for optimal performance

4. Evaluate

Conduct quality audits, evaluations, and feedback loops to ensure your team is performing to standard

5. Execute

Full production of your team with ongoing management support and consulting from Connext

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